Lend a Hand or materials at the 2019 Garden & Landscaping Expo

February 06, 2019 7:00 AM to February 10, 2019 1:00 PM
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Alliant Energy Center-Madison
Exhibit Hall
Madison, WI

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Please select the dates and times that you would like to volunteer. There are many options available to help with the 2019 Expo so please consider lending a hand.

If you are looking to be a speaker please be aware that a short powerpoint (20-30 Minutes) will need to be created and the rest of the time will be Q&A and one on one time.

We are looking for several materials to be donated and used during the conference, there will be separate tickets for you to select if you would like to donate these items.



$0.00 February 6, Booth Layout from 7AM-9AM 3-4 people

$0.00 February 6, Booth setup from 9AM-2PM 30 people (lunch will be provided)

$0.00 February 7th, 9AM-12PM, 6-10 people Installation of blooming plants and cleanup

$0.00 February 8th, 9AM-12PM, 2-4 people final cleanup, watering, etc.

$0.00 February 8th, 4PM-8PM, 2 people working the booth

$0.00 Friday talk, 3PM-4PM, Saving you Costs with a Professional Design

$0.00 February 9th, 9AM-12PM, 2 people Working the booth

$0.00 February 9th, 3PM-6PM ,2 people Working the booth

$0.00 February 9th, 12PM-3PM, 2 people Working the booth

$0.00 Saturday Talk, Picking Plants with a Pro, 1PM-2PM

$0.00 Saturday Talk, Maintaining your Outdoor Investment, 3PM-4PM

$0.00 February 10th, 10AM-1PM, 2 people Working the booth

$0.00 February 10th, 1PM-4PM, 2 people Working the booth

$0.00 February 10th, Working the Plant Sale, 6 people 3:30PM-4PM

$0.00 Sunday Talk, Saving You Costs with a Professional Design, 11AM-12PM

$0.00 Sunday Talk, Picking Plants with a Pro, 1PM-2PM

$0.00 Donated Material: (4) Deciduous Trees 6-8'w x 10-12't

$0.00 Donated Material: (6) Redtwig Dogwood

$0.00 Donated Material: (12) Creeping Juniper

$0.00 Donated Material: (30) Miscellaneous 3-7gal Deciduous/Evergreen Schrubs

$0.00 Donated Material: (200) 6" potted Bulbs @ 18" O.C.

$0.00 February 11th, Breakdown, 9AM-12PM

$0.00 Donated Material: Table Top and Chairs for the center of the display